martes, 27 de mayo de 2008


Alex, sorry, I can't upload the video. But here are the powerpoint and audacity.

domingo, 18 de mayo de 2008

miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2008

Atum and winter 2007-2008

My voice^^

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In my presentation I talk about autum and winter 2007-2008 with my friedns.
In the first photo we can see a part of my group of friends when we decided to go to skating in Girona. We fell a lot but we had a very good time.
In the second photo you can see Irene, Jur, Sara and me on the Transformer at the Fairs of St.Martirià. At the first time we were frightened but it was brilliant.
The third photo is in the Faris of Girona, with almost all my group only two were missing that day, Júlia and Marta.
The next photo is in the "Plaça de les Rodes", we were celebrating the end of the year.
Also some nights we didn't know what to do and we went out and took photos.
The next photo is from carnival, they are all my friends and me. We dressed of cats.
This one is of a Friday that we went in pajamas to the school because on Saturday it was carnival.
Also this winter we went to expo-jove. Here we take information about our future of studys.
Also we went to ski.
In December I went to Andorra with my figure skating club, there we went shopping and of course: skating.
The next photo is in a Festival in Porqueres with people of my skating club.
My slow in the Festival was the tango of Moulin Rouge.
They are all my friends with whom I've had many moments this autum and winter, and I expect to have many other moments with them.